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Welcome to Bharat Marble Paint! Get your work done trustfully with us and strengthen your walls and ceiling. We paint houses, offices, guest house, walls with marble paint which increase wall's beauty far more.


We want to assure you that our waterproofing service will solve the problem of water leaking on your house or roof with 100% warranty. For more information you can call.

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Bharat Marble Paint creates customized designs for your house, shop, showroom, hotel, restaurant, resort, which enhances the beauty of your house shop hotel much more.

About Product

damp proof Bharat Marble Paint is the perfect pick if you're looking for a stylish finish for your walls. The paint radiates a higher sheen and gives a smooth and luxurious finish. that produces an excellent shine on its smooth surface.

Trained Professionals

We have a panel of painters who are trained by us, with respect to our product range. They even excel in textured and specialty paint finishes and are trained to ensure.

Personalized Colour Consultation

Get expert guidance for product & shade selection and visualize what your house will look like with your selected colours, via our consultation.

Service After Work

We are not only attached till the service. If you face any issue after after services. , you can contact us, our worker will solve your issue without any charge. This facility will stay for 8 years.

Bharat Marble Paint is a company based in Gujarat, India that specializes in providing high-quality waterproofing solutions for terraces, roofs, and other surfaces. The company has a team of experienced waterproofing experts who use the latest technology and techniques to provide effective and long-lasting solutions for their customers.
In addition to waterproofing services, Bharat Marble Paint also offers interior & exterior wall paints services as clients choice. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support, and strives to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their work.
Overall, Bharat Marble Paint is a trusted and reliable provider of wall paints and waterproofing services in Gujarat, with a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

What is Bharat Marble Paint? Understand that carefully

  • To enhance the beauty of your house get Bharat Marble Paint done.
  • After you get this paint done, the walls of your house will look like tiles and marble stones.
  • Bharat Marble Paint is available in all sorts of designs.
  • Bharat Marble Paint will be done on new or old house with 8 years written warranty with satisfaction.
  • Our painted walls can also be cleaned with soapy water.
  • Contact us today for a free visit.
  • Our salesman will visit your place and fix your problem.
  • The Benefits of Painting Bharat Marble: - It gets rid of problems with color, putty, pop, moisture, alkalis, crust of wallor china detachment tiles, roof leak and so on. 100% written guarantee will be given. - Contact trusted registered company since 20 years and getsthe Bill with GST with 8 years warranty which includes responsibility for damage and repair on us. - At least 500 square foot of work is accepted.

मार्बल पेंट एक केमिकल है जो दीवारों और छत को मजबूत करता है। यह मार्बल पेंट घर, दुकान, कार्यालय, गेस्ट हाउस आदि की दीवारों पर कर सकते हैं जो आपकी दीवारों को और अधिक सुंदर बना देता है।

भारत मार्बल पेंट क्या है? इसे ध्यान से समझें:

  • अपने घर की सुंदरता बढ़ाने के लिए भारत मार्बल पेंट करें।
  • जब आप पेंट करते हैं, तो आपके घर की दीवारें टाइल्स और मार्बल के पत्थरों की तरहआकर्षक दिखेंगी।
  • भारत मार्बल पेंट में सभी प्रकारकी डिजाइन उपलब्ध हैं।
  • भारत मार्बल पेंट १० साल की लिखित वारंटी के साथ पुरानी या नई इमारतों में संतोषजनक रूप से काम करेगा।
  • भारत मार्बल पेंट की गई दीवारों को साबुन के पानीसे भी साफ किया जा सकता है।
  • फ्री विझिट के लिए आज ही संपर्क करें ।
  • आपके यहाँ हमारे सेल्समेन आएंगे और आपकी समस्या का समाधान करेंगे

What Advantage you will get with Bharat Marble Paint?

The Benefits of Painting Bharat Marble:

  • Bharat Marble Paint creates customized design for your house, shop, showroom, hotel, Guest house, restaurant, resort, thereby enhancing the beauty of your house, shop, hotel or guest house much more. Bharat Marble Paint provides 8 years free of coast warranty on completion. If there is any kind of damage at that time, then we will be fully responsible for its repair.
  • We make designs as you want, Our experts give you a set of designs.A perfect choice is very important for increasing the beauty of your house. After getting the Bharat marble paint, the house's beauty and age increases. There is no dampness in the walls nor does water drip from the ceiling.

भारत मार्बल पेंट से आपका क्या फायदा ?

भारत मार्बल पेंटिंग के फायदा:

  • भारत मार्बल पेंट आपके घर, दुकान, शोरूम, होटल, रेस्टोरेंट, रिसोर्ट के अनुकूल डिज़ाइन बनाता है,जिससे आपके घर दुकान होटल की सुन्दरता कही ज़्यादा बढ़ जाती है। भारत मार्बल पेंट अपना काम पूरा होने तथा ग्राहक से पूरा पेमेंट मिलने पर कम से कम 8 साल की वारंटी लेता है। उस समय अगर किसी प्रकार का नुकसान होता है तो उसकी रिपेयरिंग की पूरी ज़िम्मेदारी हमारी होगी।
  • हम अपने हिसाब से स्वयंडिज़ाइनबनाते है, अगर ग्राहक को डिज़ाइन पसंद नही आता तो हमारे एक्सपर्ट आपको दूसरा डिज़ाइन देते है और जो डिज़ाइन आपके द्वारा चुनाजाता है वही डिज़ाइन बनाया जाता है और आपके मकान की शोभा बढ़ाईजाती है। भारत मार्बल पेंट करवाने के बादघर की रौनक अलग हो जाती है और घर की उम्र भी बढ़ जाती है। दीवारो में किसी प्रकार की सीलन नही आती और न ही छत से पानी टपकता है।

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Our way of working without sabotage First we clean the wall violently with a wire brush, then wash it with water. Our 6 types of chemicals will be applied in three layers across your wall, one after the other, which will make your wall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bharat Marble Paint is a Gujarat's leading paint & waterproofing company that solves Terrace leaking and dropping. Provide enterar, exterior paint service & terrace waterproofing. Bharat Marble Paint started in 2008 from Nadiad & Anand. Now working in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, (in Gujarat). its noun because of its powerful chemical & people trust.

  • If you do not want to hire a professional roofing service, there are still some steps you can take to waterproof your roof for some months. Here are some tips: 1. Identify the problem areas: The first step in waterproofing your roof is to identify the areas where water is leaking or is likely to leak. Look for cracks, gaps, or other damage that may be allowing water to seep through.
    2. Clean the roof surface: Use a power washer or a stiff-bristled brush to clean the roof surface of any debris, dust, or other materials. Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying any waterproofing material.
    3. Apply a waterproofing sealant: You can purchase a waterproofing sealant from a hardware store or home improvement center. Apply the sealant to the problem areas on the roof using a brush, roller, or spray. Make sure to apply the sealant evenly and wait for drying times.
    4. Apply a second coat (optional): Apply a second coat of the waterproofing sealant to ensure complete coverage and protection.
    5. Install gutters and downspouts: If your roof does not have gutters and downspouts, installing them can help to redirect water away from the roof and prevent leaks.
    Remember, while these steps can help to waterproof your roof, it's important to regularly inspect the roof to ensure that the sealant is still intact and that there are no new leaks or damage. Additionally, these steps may not be suitable for all types of roofs, and if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, you can hire Our services with suitable cost.

  • Fastest growing waterproofing company is Bharat Marble Paint. BMP started their service in 2008. but officially & with 10 years experience came online in 2018. Now in 2022 BMP is the fastest growing & trustable company(BMP gives you 8 years free of coast warranty).


You can contact us by direct call, WhatsApp messages or Mail. And also proper address is a good option. Depend on you.

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